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Ulyanovsk Design Bureau – branch of Tupolev PJSC

Building of Ulyanovsk Design Bureau
at Aviastar-SP CJSC

Ulyanovsk Design Bureau – branch of Tupolev PJSC

The branch in Ulyanovsk is one of the youngest in the family of large regional divisions of Tupolev PJSC. Its foundation has once again brought to life A.N. Tupolev’s common strategy of mastering new aircraft at new enterprise. The history of the branch starts in 1986, with foundation of Moscow Machine-building Factory "Opyt" representative office at Ulyanovsk Aviation Industrial Complex (UAIC) (which is currently named Aviastar-SP CJSC) for supporting production of Tu-204 4-th generation passenger liners. By the decision of General designer A.A. Tupolev and Chief designer of Tu-204 L.A. Lanovskiy, director of Kuibyshev branch V.V. Iljin chose necessary specialists for the office. K.I. Kaneev, the former head of airframe department at Kazan branch of MMF "Opyt", became the head of new division.
In May 1987, V.I. Nizhegorodov became a responsible representative of MMF "Opyt" at the UAIC and a head of the representative office. In cooperation with specialists of the serial plant, work on putting design documentation of Tu-204 into production was started. The first Tu-204 production plane made its first flight on August 17, 1990. The second aircraft was soon produced after the first one. Then, certification tests of the aircraft started.

Branch director - S.G. Rizhakov

In 1990s, Russian aircraft manufacturers had lost State support and came to close quarters with the biggest world aircraft corporations in competitive battle not even for the world aircraft market, but for the native one.
In these conditions, Aviastar-SP CJSC in cooperation with ANTK n.a. A.N. Tupolev (Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex), placed its stake on Tu-204, which happened to be the only up-to-date civil development in the field of new aircraft at that time, when almost all related projects in the country were suspended. To provide demand for its airplanes, developers and manufacturers had worked out a trailblazing anti-recessionary strategy of customer-centered approach in conditions of nearly job production. Thus, the Tu-204 family with wide range of characteristics and sphere of application was being created.

 Tu-204СМ in the final assembly workshop
of Aviastar-SP CJSC

In August 1992, the representative office at Aviastar-SP CJSC (department of the shop-floor № 57 of the Central Design Bureau - CDB) was reorganized in Ulyanovsk Design Bureau (UDB), a branch of ANTK n.a. A.N. Tupolev.
A hard work fell to its lot – development, release and transfer of design documentation to production, organization of Tu-204 new types and modifications certification tests. In cooperation with CDB and by its order, the branch develops Tu-204-100 basic airplane, Tu-204-120 export versions with Rolls-Royce engines, Tu-204C cargo modifications.

In October 1994 S.G. Rizhakov was assigned the director of the UDB. At that time its team consisted of 39 persons.
From the middle of the 1990s implementation of computer technologies to the work process of aircraft development is started by decision of the branch authorities: money for purchasing computers and software are raised, people for fine-tuning technologies and methods of work, considering specificity of the enterprise, are found.

UDB specialists at Tu-204СМ production site

Since 1999 UDB started developing design documentation for the Tu-204-120CE.
Since 2000, the branch in cooperation with Aviastar-SP CJSC, with the assistance of IFC leasing company and Vladivostok-Avia airline, is carrying out Tu-204-300 long-range aircraft project, which turned out to be a good solution for Far East air carriers.
Simultaneously with works on Tu-204, the branch is performing a number of additional research and development orders: works on Tu-334 for Kazan branch of Tupolev PJSC; works on Tu-330 project in cooperation with CDB; interior developments for Tu-154M of Almazy Rossii airline, for Mi-8 helicopters (in cooperation with Experimental Design Bureau (EDB) n.a. M.L. Mil) and Il-96 (in cooperation with EDB n.a. S.V. Ilushin and Rusaviainter); front end engineering of Tupolev wide-body short/middle-range airplane project, by order of UAC JSC.

 Informational technology  is the basis
of the advanced design

Mastering of computer equipment and CAD systems is carried out without interrupting work process. Design engineers are learning new methods of creating drawings and 3d-modelling, simultaneously performing an amount of research and development works. A part of computer drawings is gradually growing, displacing traditional manual drawings and specifications. Also, a growing number of completed 3d-models of parts and assemblies is gradually generating an amount of data for the future electronic model of an article. In the beginning of 2000s Ulyanovsk branch is becoming the leading division of Tupolev PJSC concerning use of state-of-the-art computer technologies in aircraft development.

Ulyanovsk Design Bureau got its modern name – UFKB of Tupolev PJSC (Ulyanovsk Branch of Design Bureau) after reorganizing ANTK n.a. A.N. Tupolev in Tupolev Joint Stock Company. Within the period since 2005 till 2009, the team of the branch had grown from 100 up to 200 persons, with more than one-third of them being young specialists, graduates from Ulyanovsk universities.
UFKB includes 15 designer brigades that cover all main directions of aircraft development: airframe and interior, electric systems and airborne equipment, strength and weight, control systems, HVAC and others. The enterprise is equipped with modern computer hardware and software, it has LAN, connected with the network of Aviastar-SP CJSC base enterprise and with the CDB in Moscow.

UDB young specialists at Tu-204СМ production site

Nowadays, Ulyanovsk branch continues its work on supporting the Tu-204 aircraft production at Aviastar-SP CJSC and remains the head division developing and releasing design documentation for the airplanes of this type. The Tu-204 family already includes more than 10 basic types and modifications. Airplanes of "Tupolev" JSC still remain the mostly demanded Russian airplanes at the aircraft market. At MAKS-2009 airshow, a new Tu-204-300A executive-class aircraft was presented to public. This liner has gained an ability to make intercontinental flights, with all the necessary options for comfortable work and relaxation of the state and corporation authorities.


UDB column on a parade of Ulyanovsk
enterprises on June12, 2013

Ulyanovsk branch has gained regional authorities’ respect and face by active community work. In 2008, a memorial plate, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of A.N. Tupolev birth, was installed in Zavolzhskiy district of Ulyanovsk by the efforts of UFKB of Tupolev PJSC, with support of district authorities and government of Ulyanovsk region. Tupolev PJSC banner appears in the sky at every aviation holiday in Ulyanovsk. In 2013, young specialists of the branch represented Zavolzhskiy district (which is also named the district of aircraft engineers) of Ulyanovsk at the regional parade of enterprises during the Day of Russia holiday. The volunteers of the branch perform annual fund raising for targeted support of children from large families and economically disadvantaged families within the framework of regional action "Help to prepare for school".

First aircraft Tu-204СМ 64150 arrives
from the plant (December 13, 2010)

In 2009 UFKB started detailed engineering of Tu-204CM new middle-range passenger liner. The first airplane (aircraft № 64150) performed its first flight on December 29, 2010. In August 2011 the first 2 aircraft were presented at MAKS airshow. Specialists of Ulyanovsk branch have taken significant part in certification tests of new aircraft. The Tu-204CM got its Airworthiness Certificate in May, 2013.
Nowadays, the branch handles support of Tu-204 family airplanes, that are currently in operation and continues design monitoring of Tupolev airplanes production at Aviastar-SP CJSC. Along with Tu-204CM, such programs as Tu-204-300 long-range airplane and Tu-204-100C cargo airplane are still relevant. In the beginning of 2012 a couple of Tu-204-300 in VIP version was transferred to the Rossiya Special Flight Squadron, and in summer 2013, Transaero airline received a couple of Tu-204-100C cargo aircraft.

A memorial complex in honor of
120-anniversary of A.N.Tupolev, Ulyanovsk

 A moment of work


Besides, designers of UFKB carry out developments within the framework of Russian-Chinese project of Tu-204-based special purpose aircraft and take part in defense programs of Tupolev PJSC.