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Tupolev Design Bureau Museum was officially formed by the order of the Minister of Aviation Industry of the USSR as a branch of the Scientific-memorial Museum of N.E. Zhukovsky in 1972. The Museum was located in the office of A.N. Tupolev and conference room of Design Bureau (DB). In the late 90-ies the Museum temporarily ceased its activities, products and funds were transferred to the specially allocated premises of the Bureau. In November 10, 2008 was celebrated the 120th anniversary of A.N. Tupolev birthday, and to this date Tupolev PJSC was opened in the restored Tupolev Design Bureau Museum.

The Museum's history began in the 60-ies. Initially the idea was to create the Museum of Labor Glory, which was created at many enterprises of the country at that time. Gradually, when the number of collected materials has increased it was about creating a full-fledged Museum, which would reflect the multifaceted history of the oldest aviation company headed by A.N. Tupolev.

At the origins of creation of the Museum were A.N. Tupolev, A.I. Shackles and Director of the Museum S.D. Agavelyan.
In 1972, in accordance with the order signed by the Minister of Aviation Industry, the Museum was granted national status as a branch of the Scientific-memorial Museum of N.E. Zhukovsky. The Museum and its collection were in the former building of Design Department sector of experimental aircraft in premises that housed the office A.N. Tupolev, relaxation room and conference room.

In the late 90-ies of the XXth century the management of the Bureau decided to suspend activities of the Museum and to transfer its funds in the main building of the Tupolev Design Bureau.
Within one moth and a half it was decided to restore the museum exhibit of the surviving of exhibits and artifacts in the premises of the main building of the Tupolev Design Bureau. Work on the restoration of the Museum was made within one and a half months, starting from mid-September 2008.
The great regenerative work of the Museum has fulfilled breadboard workshop headed by N.P. Grushin, which was restored and prepared for display several tens of aircraft models.
The maintenance department led by V.V. Kazin did its best. Great work has done division of integrated production headed by S.A. Shcheglov. Great assistance in the design was provided by the Department of computer design, headed by Y.S. Olshanskaya. The most practical and consulting help in the restoration of the Museum had a chief designer L.T. Kulikov, deeply honoured veterans of the Design Bureau G.A. Cheremukhin and V.M. Vul, and many employees of other divisions of Tupolev PJSC. A special role in the restoration of the Museum belongs to the Vice President for personnel management and general issues - A. M. Zatuchniy, who greatly contributed to the "blitz-renaissance" of the Museum.

The Museum is open and we offer you to visit it. The restored Museum is housed in three rooms of the main building of Tupolev PJSC at the address: Academician Tupolev Embankment,17.

If you walk through the Central glass entrance, you are in the hall, where a marble bust of A.N. Tupolev as well as large-scale models of aircraft Tu-204CM, Tu-154M and Tu-334 is placed. Here the visitors can see tactical unmanned reconnaissance aircraft Tu-243 "Reis-D". Through the hall you enter the premises of the Museum - the first hall of exhibition is dedicated to the history of the Design Bureau. More than 100 models of different types of flying vehicles, aerosleighs and torpedo boats  - the projects that Design Bureau has been working under since the 20-ies of XX century - are presents in the hall, , as well as weapons and equipment.

Exposition of the first hall is conventionally divided into four zones. The first area covers the period since the establishment of the enterprise till the end of World War II. Visitors can find the models of the first aircraft, made by Design Bureau in the early 20-ies, as well as a range of heavy aircraft-monoplanes with corrugated sheeting: ANT-1, ANT-2, ANT-4, ANT-6, ANT-20. Here are the models of aerosleighs ANT-IV, ANT-V, as well as experienced torpedo boats ГАНТ-4 "Tupolev". The 30-ies are presented by the models of the long-distance record aircraft ANT-25 RD, high-speed aircraft with retractable landing gear and smooth skin ANT-21, ANT-40, ANT-41, ANT-42 and hydroplanes, flying boats ANT-22, ANT-44. The first demonstration zone ends by the exposure, dedicated to creation and development of one of the best front-line  bombers of World War II - Tu-2, where models of the plane "103" with engines of the M-120TK, serial aircraft Tu-2, prototypes "62" (Tu-2D) and 68 (Tu-10), as well as aircraft machine gun ShKAS fitted at the first series Tu-2 are displayed.

The second demonstration zone devoted to development of Tupolev’s military aircraft and covers the period from the end of World War II till the 80-ies.Here are presented the models of the projects of experienced and serial aircraft families Tu-4, Tu-95/Tu-142. Looking at the models you can trace the path that led to the creation of the post-war masterpiece in the field of jet bomber aviation - Tu-16. Visitors can get acquainted with the model of the unique experimental tactical aircraft Tu-91. The exhibition widely presents the history of the creation of supersonic combat aircraft design Bureau - Tu-128, Tu-22, Tu-22M and Tu-160. A separate section of the exhibition is devoted to unmanned vehicles, created by Design Bureau since the second half of the 50-ies.

The third exhibition area shows the visitors the development of Tupolev reactive civil aviation projects. There are presented models of Tu-104, Tu-110, Tu-114, Tu-124, Tu-134, Tu-154. Supersonic passenger airplanes are presented by models of experienced and serial production Tu-144D, and a model SPA project of business-class Tu-444. Modern mainline passenger airplanes Tu-204/214 are widely represented. Several models illustrated history of creation of modern short-haul plane Tu-334.

The fourth exhibition area dedicated to some of the breakthrough projects of the Bureau, including the works on the aircraft with aviation nuclear power plants of hypersonic flying vehicles and aircraft projects on LNG and liquid hydrogen.

All four model exposition areas illustrated with colorful wall banners and photographs.
The second exhibition hall is a memorial dedicated to the founder of the Design Bureau of A.N. Tupolev. In this hall remained furniture and things that was in the office A.N. Tupolev, relaxation room and meeting room are presented. All these things were touched by A.N. Tupolev. His personal belongings are also exhibited here - two jackets: Lieutenant-General and Colonel-General, his jacket with plaster casts of the Stars of Hero of Socialist labor and buttons of laureate. On the cover of the radio, that in the 30 years A.N. Tupolev was brought from a business trip to the USA, a video is installed, that shows films about A.N. Tupolev and history of Design Bureau.

The Museum is engaged in publishing. Currently Museum in cooperation with other organizations has prepared and published more than 700 articles, monographs and books on various activities of the Bureau. In the nearest future - development and preservation, improvement and development of exhibition base - registration of permanent wall stands rather than temporary, restoration models and other items, which will put them in the premises of the Museum, search for additional materials on the history of the Design Bureau, further active publishing work under the UAC JSC, which is now a part of Tupolev PJSC,.

The brief overview of the Museum gives an idea about the activities of the Bureau only in general. All volume of activity that the country's oldest aviation company can be realized only by visiting the Museum, acquainted with its exhibits and listening to the comments of the Director of the Museum.