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Long-range missile-carrier bomber Tu-22M3

Long-range supersonic bomber Tu-22M3 is designed to defeat sea and ground targets at a distance of up to 2200 km from the home aerodrome by guided missiles and aviation bombs.

Aircraft Tu-22M is a large and complex machine which gave numerous further developments both of passenger and combat vehicles in all aircraft design bureaus in the USSR (aircraft of 4th generation). The aircraft was for the first time in the USSR equipped with a very complicated but quite workable set of interrelated both digital and analog decisive systems Emergency cutoff and Avionics. Aircraft TU-22M made by the normal aerodynamic configuration cantilever low-wing with variable sweep. The structure is made mainly of aluminum alloys as well as steel, and magnesium. The wing consists of a fixed part and of the wing. The wing is rearranged from 20° to 65°. Wing flap system includes slats, three-section double-slotted flaps, three-section spoilers, without ailerons. Spoilers work differentially on a roll and simultaneously as brake pads, preserving the function of lateral control. Stabilizer - all-moving. The aircraft has a semi-monocoque fuselage and retractable tricycle landing gear with nose bar. The power plant consists of two НК-25 turbofans. APU TA-6A is installed in the dorsal fin.

The first aircraft Tu-22M0 was built by the middle of 1969 and on August 30 he performed its first flight (commander - test pilot V.P. Borisov). The first prototype Tu-22M3 first flew on June 20, 1977. After running flight development tests of Tu-22M3 in 1978 was put into serial production. The final form of aircraft Tu-22M3 passed into service in March 1989.

Only at Kazan Aviation Production Association was built about 500 aircraft Tu-22M of various modifications.

 Flight performance:

Wing span, m         sweep at 20 °          34,28;

                               sweep at 65 °          27,70;

Length, m                                              42.46;

Height, m,                                             11.05;

Maximum  take-off weight, t                124;

Maximum  speed, km / hour                 2000

Tactical range, km                                2,200

Service ceiling, m                               14,000