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Mikhail A. Nyukhtikov

Mikhail A. Nyukhtikov Mikhail A. Nyukhtikov

Hero of the Soviet Union (1957), honoured test-pilot of the USSR (1959), colonel (1945).

Mikhail Nyukhtikov was born on June 3 (16), 1906 in the city of Chardzhuy (nowadays, it is the city of Turkmenabat, in Turkmenistan).

In 1924-1926 Mikhail Nyukhtikov worked as a teacher, an instructor of district department of Osoaviakhim in the city of Starodub (Bryansk region).

Since September, 1926 Mikhail Nyukhtikov was in the army. In 1927 he graduated from Leningrad military theoretical school of the Air Force, in 1928 - from Kacha Military aviation school for pilots. In 1928-1933 he was a flight instructor of Kacha Military aviation school for pilots.

From July, 1933 to August, 1953, Mikhail Nyukhtikov was a test-pilot of State Air Force research and test institute decorated with the Order of the Red Banner. He has lifted in the sky and carried out tests of DB-A/2 (on March 15, 1936), DB-LK (1939), "103" (ANT-58, on January 29, 1941), "103U" (ANT-59, on May 18, 1941), "63-2" (SDB, October, 1944). Mikhail Nyukhtikov has performed state tests of TB-4 (ANT-16, 1933; 2nd pilot), TB-1R (1935; 2nd pilot), DB-A (1936), UT-1 (1936), AIR-10 (1936), G-22 (1936), TsKB-30 (1936), SB with M-100A engines (1936), DB-2 (1937), Vultee V-11GB (1937), BOK-5 (1937), DB-3 with M-85 engines (1937), DI-6Sh with M-25 engine (1937), BICh-14 (1937), DB-3 with M-87 engines (1938), SPB (1939), PZL-37 (1939), R-10 with M-25B engine (1939), ANT-42 (Pe-8, 1939), UT-3 (1940), PS-84 (1940), Er-2 (1940), Pe-3bis (1942), Tu-2 (1942), Il-2 with M-82IR engine (1942), Er-2 with M-30B engines (1943), B-25D (1944), Pe-2I (1944), Tu-2S (1944), Li-2VP (1944), UTB-2 (1946), Tu-12 (1947), "73" (Tu-14, 1948). He also took part in state tests of Tu-4 (1948), Il-28 (1949), Il-32 (1949), Il-14P (1952), Il-46 (1952), Tu-85 (1951), in tests of "Zveno-1А" systems (1933; 2nd pilot), "Zveno-3" (1934), "Zveno-6" (1935) and "Zveno-7" (1938).

In 1936, Mikhail Nyukhtikov established 2 records of loading capacity on DB-A airplane.

On August 25, 1944 Mikhail Nyukhtikov flying on A-20K "Boston" as a leader, took part in a non-stop flight of Yak-9DD squadron from Beltsy to Bari (Italy) for the help of       People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia.

From August, 1953 to April, 1963 Mikhail Nyukhtikov was a test-pilot of the Tupolev design bureau. He has lifted in the sky and carried out tests of Tu-95/2 (on February 16, 1955), Tu-95М (February, 1957), Tu-119 (1958). Mikhail Nyukhtikov had carried out tests of Tu-114 (1957-1959) and Tu-95LAL (1961-1962). He had also performed tests of Tu-114 at high angles of attack (1960-1961) and with engine off without feathering (1960).

Since April, 1963 Mikhail Nyukhtikov was reserved. He lived in the city of Zhukovsky of Moscow region. Mikhail Nyukhtikov died on May 5, 1998. He was buried at the Bykovskoe cemetery in Zhukovsky.

Mikhail Nyukhtikov was awarded two Orders of Lenin (1952, 1957), three Orders of the Red Banner (1946, 1948, 1956), two Orders of the Patriotic War of the 1st class (1944, 1947), three Orders of the Red Star (1939, 1944, 1959), the Order of the Badge of Honour (1936), medals. He was posthumously awarded the highest distinction of Turkmenistan - "the Hero of Turkmenistan" and was the Honourable citizen of Zhukovsky.

In the village of Chkalovsky (within the city of Shelkovo) there is a memorial board on the wall of the house where Mikhail Nyukhtikov had lived.