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Mark P. Vasyakin

Mark P. Vasyakin

Test-pilot, military pilot, lieutenant colonel (1943).

Mark Vasyakin was born in 1908 in the city of Stavropol. He has early become an orphan and was brought up in orphanage. In 1922 he entered the school of education for manufacture workers, created at "Proletary" printing house. Here Mark Vasyakin became the leader of the city's first pioneer group. After finishing workers' faculty in the city of Rostov he went in for faculty of the international relations at Moscow State University n.a. Lomonosov. In 1932 on appeal of Komsomol he entered Kacha school of pilots n.a. Myasnikov near the city of Sevastopol, leaving his studies in MSU.

Mark Vasyakin was a participant of the Winter War (1939-1940). He has made 23 combat flights on SB bomber. Mark Vasyakin was a test-pilot of the Research Institute of the Air Force. Without interrupting millitary service he has graduated from engineering and command faculties of Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy. He was a participant of the Great Patriotic War.

Having returned to the Research Institute of the Air Force at the beginning of August, 1941 Mark Vasyakin carried out tests of Pe-2 fighter modification manufactured at plant № 22 - Pe-2I.

On December 15, 1941 Mark Vasyakin lifted in the sky and carried out joint tests of "103B" bomber (prototype of Tu-2 production airplane) with M-82 and AV-5-16 engines. On October 28, 1942 he completed validation tests of the first batch produced Tu-2 with ASh-82 engine.

As a part of the 132nd air regiment, which was under command of the lieutenant colonel A. Khlebnikov, Mark Vasyakin has flown to the Kalinin front on Tu-2. From October, 1942 to January, 1943, the regiment as a part of the Kalinin front bombed combat zone and military facilities near Smolensk, Vitebsk, Velikiye Luki, etc. From February to April, 1943 the regiment was at war on the Southwest front where airplanes were used as bombers and for reconnaissance. The Command of the Air Force considered combat activity of Tu-2 as a part of the 132nd regiment as a continuation of service tests. Since September, 1943 the lieutenant colonel Vasyakin became the commander of the 12th bomber regiment of the Orders of Kutuzov and Alexander Nevsky. In 1943, this regiment acted at the Kalinin front on Tu-2 bombers. Having suffered heavy losses in difficult fights, the regiment at the end of 1943 was brought for replenishment and rearmament to the airfield in the city of Kubinka, near Moscow. In June, 1944 the 12th regiment was transferred to the Belarusian front. By this time Mark Vasyakin had already about 3 thousand hours of combat flights.

Mark Vasyakin died on July 27, 1944 during a combat flight in the Baltics.

He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, the Order of Suvorov 3d class and medals.