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Label pins

Tupolev Design Bureau in label pins

Tupolev Design Bureau originated from the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TSAGI) in 1922. Since the beginning Design Bureau has become a pioneer in the Soviet aviation industry in all-metal aircraft creation and subsequently has become one of the leading teams engaged in aircraft design. Design Bureau released a lot of planes of various types: light and heavy, military and passenger, with rotary and jet engines, and was even engaged in airsleighs building.

Aircraft with trademarks "ANT" and "Tu" in those days were used to make 78 world records, performed 28 unique long-distance flights, including the flight from the USSR to the USA over the North pole, made landing at the North pole to the polar station SP-1 expedition of I. D. Papanin, the rescue operation of iced up ship "Chelyuskin".

Aircrafts with rotary engines released in the period from 1923 to1942 years.        

The first plane designed by Tupolev - ANT-1 opens the collection of label pins. On October 21, 1923 pilot E.I. Pogosskiy performed the first flight on this aircraft. It was air christening of the first plane designed by A. N. Tupolev. And on May 26, 1924 the first Soviet all-metal aircraft ANT-2 was raised in the air by pilot N.I. Petrov.


Out of label pins mentioned above we should pay attention these four: the label pin of airplane ANT-20 - "Maxim Gorky", two label pins with the image of plane ANT-25, the second was released in honor of the flight of aircraft IL-62M on the route of ANT-25 through the North pole, and of course, the label pin with Tu-2 - legendary aircraft of the Great Patriotic War. On the tab below there are label pins with pilots who received the gold medal of hero of the Soviet Union with numbers from one to seven for flights on the aircraft Tupolev during this period.

Military aircraft of the years 1943 – 1990.

Military aircraft designed by Tupolev Design Bureau since this period to the present time are being operated in the air force of the Russian Federation. There are very few label pins of these airplanes.


Civil aircraft of the years 1955 – 1990.

Due to Tupolev Design Bureau participation in different aviation shows a lot of label pins with the image of civil aircrafts has been produced.

Galinsky Yakov Mikhailovich