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Human resources policy

Personnel policy of Tupolev PJSC is the general direction of personnel work, a combination of methods, forms, an institutional mechanism for the conservation, development and human resource development, the creation of a skilled and cohesive team capable of promptly solve their tasks with the business strategy.

Personnel policy of Tupolev PJSC is designed with the provisions and requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, decrees of the President of the Russian Federation, the Russian government regulations on labor issues, the Charter of Tupolev PJSC Board decisions, orders and decrees of the President of the Company, the Collective Agreement.

Personnel policy is an integral part of the development strategy of Tupolev PJSC for 2009-2015 and is staffing the implementation of this strategy.

Personnel policy is designed to meet the real financial opportunities of the Company and provides for the adjustment of the provisions when the financial situation.

The contents of the personnel policy is the creation and maintenance of personnel management system that provides a qualified solution to strategic challenges that faces the Company.

Tupolev PJSC is its people

Neither finance nor high-tech equipment nor property is not critical resources and the foundation of success. The basis of success is the people.

The company is committed to building long-term relationships with employees of the system. The whole system of relations between management and employees is based on the existing legislation, the foundation serves as the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

Tupolev PJSC employees have a five-day working week. Saturday and Sunday are days off. Holidays are non-working in accordance with federal law.

The company's management is interested in the professional development of employees, ready to support and create conditions for the promotion of those who are able to take responsibility not only for their performance, but also for the implementation of collective projects, to exercise reasonable initiative and creativity.

Work at Tupolev PJSC is not only a guarantee of long-term employment, but also more complete social security subject to fair and responsible performance of one’s duties.

The company's management is committed to creating all conditions for every employee feel part of a large, friendly team.

Management and workers of the company signed a collective bargaining agreement, approved the work rules of the day for Tupolev PJSC employees, developed and approved regulations, instructions, procedures and other documents governing the relationship between the management and employees of Tupolev PJSC.