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Igor S. Shevchuk

Igor S. Shevchuk

Igor S. Shevchuk was an aircraft designer, a current aviation production initiator, the Tupolev JSC chief designer, the Honoured designer of the Russian Federation, the laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation.

Igor S. was born on January 30, 1953 in Slutsk, Minsk area, Byelorussia. In 1977 he graduated from the engine-building department of Moscow Aviation Institute n. a. S. Ordzhonikidze. He worked at the Tupolev design bureau from 1976 till the end of his life. Igor Shevchuk rose from a young specialist to one of the design bureau leaders in the record-breaking time. He was involved in the design engineering, the problems of structural toughness, the beginning of experimental and mass production of Tu-144, Tu-204, Tu-334, Tu-160, Tu-155 and other aircraft. His design solutions were characterized by novelty, high technology level, simplicity and originality.

In 1994 Igor Shevchuk was appointed director of the Tupolev JSC experimental plant. Igor S. gained production experience, acquired leadership skills in hard time of 1990s which turned out to be useful for him in future. Igor S. introduced design approach into the team work that was very important for experimental design bureau development. At the same time he paid much attention to industrial problems having expanded manufacturing space.

In 1997 due to his extensive knowledge and experience the board of directors elected him General Director.

The enterprise went to him half-ruined. But even in such situation he believed that the most important thing was to keep the team of designers. First of all he raised salaries of the most valuable employees to prevent their resignation.

Financing and operating activities required much time and strength but Igor S. still had time for technical problems solving and for future plans making.

In 1998 I.S. Shevchuk became the chairman of the board of directors; in 2001 he became the President, Chief designer of the Tupolev JSC.

I.S. Shevchuk suggested an idea of passenger long-haul aircraft product range development and did much to materialize it. This product range was characterized by single approach to the design, unification (up to 90%) of equipment, and unity of approaches to continuing airworthiness. The aircraft of the family Tu-204/214 and Tu-334 have five type certificates including certificates of Aviation Authorities of PRC and Cuba. 32 main design changes were certified to maintain the developments of Tupolev JSC up to the highest world standards.

I.S. Shevchuk paid much attention to combat aircraft modernization. The volume of the State Defense Procurement increased, the modernization of Tu-160, Tu-95 and Tu-22M aircraft which were the basic aircraft of strategic and long-range aviation was started.

Taking into consideration the staff losses of the last decades I.S. Shevchuk understood the need of young specialists training. On his initiative a special Youth service was set up, the salaries of young employees were raised considerably. Tupolev JSC began cooperating with leading profession-oriented universities. The result of these changes was the increased amount of young workers at the enterprise. One of the most important parts of the company president’s work was the information technologies development without which a modern company could hardly exist. On the basis of these technologies an up-to-date training center intended for flight and maintenance personnel and Tupolev JSC young specialists training was set up.  

I.S. Shevchuk died on January 6, 2011.