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Evgeny A. Goryunov

Evgeny A. Goryunov

Hero of the Russian Federation (1996), honoured test-pilot of the USSR (1975), major (1969).

He was born on February 21, 1930 in the village of Yakhnovo of Hvoyninsky district of the Novgorod region.

Since January, 1949 Evgeny Goryunov was in the army. In 1951 he graduated from Omsk Military aviation school for pilots and stayed there as a flight instructor. Since December, 1957 he was reserved.

In 1959 Evgeny Goryunov graduated from Test-Pilot School.

From August, 1959 to 1989, he was engaged in flight-test work in Tupolev design bureau. He has lifted in the sky Tu-22R (1961), Tu-124А (Tu-134; 2nd pilot, 1963) and also took part in tests of Tu-22R (1961-1962), Tu-95LAL (1962), Tu-144, Tu-154, Tu-142M.

On August 31, 1980 when Evgeny Goryunov was performing test flight on Tu-144D No. 08-1 one of RD-36-51A engines disintegrated during supersonic phase of flight which caused destruction of separate framework elements and systems of the airplane. Crew of the airplane (E.A Goryunov was a captain) has made safe emergency landing on the Air Force airfield (the city of Engels).

Evgeny Goryunov lived in the city of Zhukovsky of the Moscow region. He died on September 31, 2005. He was buried in the village of Ostrovtzi in Ramensky district of the Moscow region.

Evgeny Goryunov was awarded the Order of the October Revolution (1981) and medals.