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Tu-204-120CE, a cargo aircraft of a new generation, is equipped with up-to-date fuel efficient engines RB/211-535E4-B-75 and is intended for transportation of cargoes up to 27 tons in the world class containers on the air routes up to 3,000 km and of cargoes up to 10.5 tons to the distance of 7,400 km.

Aircraft Tu-204-120CE is developed in the English language cabin version and equipped with modern avionics. The aircraft complies with all up-to-date ICAO requirements.

Having absorbed the best achievements of the Russian new generation aircraft, Tu-204-120E is a result of a successful cooperation between Tupolev JSC and Aviastar-SP CJSC with its vast aircraft production experience.
Tu-204-100C cargo aircraft manufactured by Aviastar-SP CJSC as well as engines RB.211-535E4 ("Rolls Royce") are certified by AR IAC and fully comply with international requirements regarding perceivable noise and emission.

The aircraft Tu-204-120CE competitiveness, high efficiency in service and high flight performance characteristics are due to:


Engine type


Number x static thrust, tf 

2 x 17,500

Maximum takeoff weight, t


Maximum fuel weight, t


Maximum payload, t


Cruise fuel consumption, t/h


Cruise speed, km/h


Maximum cruise altitude, km


Maximum payload range/maximum fuel load range, km


Landing category


Power plant RB/211-535E4-B-75

Tu-204-120СЕ aircraft are equipped with up-to-date and efficient engines RB/211-535E4-B-75, developed on the basis of widely spread certified "Rolls-Royce" engines.

Aircraft Tu-204-120СЕ, powered with engines RB/211-535E4-B-75 fully complies with ICAO Chapter 3 Appendix 16 perceivable noise requirements as well as those of ICAO Appendix 16 (volume 2) concerning emission due to perfection of the engine design structure and selected noise absorbing devices.

Standard pallets arrangement variants:

The main cargo deck is equipped with a loading/unloading system RN 81965-20A of ANCRA (USA).
Cargo cabin capacity – 164.4 m3.
Forward baggage-cargo compartment – 14.7 m3 Aft baggage-cargo compartment – 28.3 m3

Opening dimensions:
cargo door – 3,408 x 2,080 mm (134x82 in)
forward baggage-cargo compartment door 1,350 x 1,162 mm (53x48 in)
aft baggage-cargo compartment door 1,350 x 1,162 mm

Height from ground to sill of:
cargo door - 3,890 mm (13 ft)
forward baggage-cargo compartment door - 2,520 mm (8 ft) 
aft baggage-cargo compartment door - 2,520 mm (8 ft)


Long-size cargo arrangement variants

The long-size cargo transportation is carried out on standard pallets with cargo fixed to pallets.

The maximum longitudinal size of the cargo -10 m (394 in). One long-size cargo can be installed on 2, 3 or 4 pallets.


The cockpit is developed on the basis of up-to-date ergonomic and design solutions based on using electronic indication and flight control automation means.