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Publishing house «Фонд «Русские витязи» and publishing group «Полигон-пресс» with funding from Federal Press and Mass Communication Agency under the Federal special purpose program «Russian Culture (2012 – 2018 years) » issued a book «Tupolev-144».

Authors: Zatuchniy A.M., Rigmant V.G., Sioneokiy P.M., 552 pages with illustrations.

         The book was coincided with the 90-th anniversary of the birth of General designer, Hero of Socialist Labour, academician Aleksey A. Tupolev that is going to turn on May 20, 2015 and is dedicated to a unique aircraft Tu-144 created by A.N. Tupolev Design Bureau headed by A.A. Tupolev.

The first supersonic passenger aircraft Tu-144 still surprises imagination – even compared with the current jet airliners it seems to be an alien from the future. In fact Tu-144 is a high-tech product of its time incorporating all innovations provided by the aeronautical science in the years 1960-1970. It was an outcome of  a hard work of the whole aviation industry of the Soviet Union, that enhanced prestige of the country that was the first in the world that managed to raise a supersonic passenger aircraft into the air.

World civil aviation developed in another way preferring subsonic aircraft large passenger capacity. Owing to objective and internal reasons Tu-144 failed to become a leader of the civil air fleet but there are no doubts that in future  the unrivaled expertise of Tu-144 creation and operation will be in demand.


"The Museum of A.N. Tupolev Design Bureau"

The compilers: Alexander M. Zatuchny, Vladimir G. Rigmant

Moscow: OOO "IIG" RANGE PRESS ", 2012, 95 p., illustrated.

The publication is dedicated to the museum one of the oldest in the history of world aircraft design bureaus - A.N. Tupolev Design Bureau. The book presents the history of creation and development of the museum, as well as its rich exposition that covered the 90-year period of the famous design bureau. Publication is equipped with a rich color photographic material and performed at a high printing level.


"Famous aircraft" Series

"Famous aircraft" Series publisheв ин "Polygon-press" is dedicated to aircraft, which left an indelible mark on the history of the world in aircraft and helicopter.

The first three issues acquaint the reader with the military's strategic aviation systems developed by JSC "Tupolev", which was in service of the Air Forces of Russia. Issue One is devoted to strategic missile-bomber Tu-160, Issue Two tells  about the far-missile carrying bomber Tu-22M3, issue Three introduces the reader to the strategic missile-carrying aircraft Tu-95MC.
Each edition has a wealth of illustrations and performed at a high level printing.

Booklet: "90 years of EDB A.N. Туполева». Tupolev ". Alexander М. Zatuchny, Vladimir G. Rigmant

On the anniversary of JSC "Tupolev" "Polygon-press"  published the booklet "90 years of EDB Tupolev ", which presents the history of the creation, establishment and development of Experimental Design Bureau Tupolev, as well as information and rich photographic material on the basic aircraft, developed within its walls.

"Further. Higher. Faster: memories of working in the aviation industry, the technique and its creators" by G.A. Cheremuhin

Moscow: Prospect, 2010. - 448 p., illustrated.

The book, based on the memoirs of George Alexeyevich Cheremukhin, talks about the history of Tupolev Design Bureau, in which he worked in the years 1942-2009. The book covers the period of establishment of Tupolev long-range strategic bombers (including the carriers of nuclear bombs), unmanned aircraft, aircraft - scouts and submarines, the birth process and the introduction of supersonic passenger Tu-144, a multi-mode intercontinental strategic bombers Tu-160 and mainline passenger jet airliners Tu-204 and Tu-334. The book contains little-known materials on cooperation of EDB Tupolev aircraft manufacturers with foreign firms. Many of the documents and photographs presented in a monograph have been published for the first time.

"Tupolev: a flight into the future" (2nd Volume)

Authors: G.A.Cheremuhin, E.I.Gordon, V.G.Rigmant

Project Manager – A.M. Zatuchny

Publishing Ltd. "IIG Polygon Press," 2010

Second and final volume of the monograph "Tupolev: Flight into the Future" offered to  readers is the logical continuation of the first, and is dedicated to the development of modern programs of JSC "Tupolev" in the field of air construction with which it entered the XXI century, as well as some of the most promising directions of its activity in this area. Similar to the first part of the book it contains unique photographs and materials from the archives of "Tupolev", the Museums named after Zhukovsky and Tupolev, memories of EDB workers.

"Tupolev Civil Aircraft " by A.M. Zatuchny, V.G. Rigmant

Special issue devoted to the current state and prospects of programs development of "Tupolev" in the field of civil aircraft, is a fairly complete monograph on civil aircraft grade "TU". The booklet is illustrated with lots of pictures, diagrams, black-and-white and color photographs. Of particular interest is the reference for the projects of civil aircraft developed in the bureau from 1922 to 2010.

M., "Techinform", 2010, 108 p., illustrated.

"Family aircraft TU-204/TU-214 / TU-204SM" by A.M. Zatuchny, V.G. Rigmant

It is a fairly complete monograph on civil aircraft family Tu-204/Tu-214/Tu-204SM. addition to general information, the release includes the history of the Tu-204, program for the modernization of aircraft of Tu-204/Tu-214/Tu-204SM and prospects for their further development. Special attention is given to design: illustrated edition of unique photographs and materials from the archives of the Museum Foundation PSC «Tupolev».

M., LLC "IIG" Range-Press ", 2010, 112 p., illustrated.


Tutorial "Aerodynamics of Tu-204/214 aircraft "

The tutorial, that was developed by the leading specialists of "Tupolev" JSC, describes the structural and aerodynamic characteristics of passenger and cargo aircraft Tu-204/214 (Tu-204-100, Tu-204-120, Tu-204SM, Tu-214, Tu- 204-300, Tu-204C and others). Presented results of research concerning the choice of contours of aerodynamic configuration. The aerodynamic coefficients, the parameters of the power plant, the main modes of cruise flight, takeoff and climb, descent and landing approach, the characteristics of stability and control, automatic wheel control are considered. Analyzes the specific flight cases, including high angles of attack.
In writing the book, and the preparation of a general analysis of the functioning areas of aerodynamics took part:

Anatoly B. Koshcheev – Doctor of Engineering, chief of the center "Aerodynamics" JSC "Tupolev". Specializes in the areas of: aerodynamic design and the determination of aerodynamic characteristics.
Alexander A. Platonov, - Head of Center "Aerodynamics" JSC "Tupolev". Directs the work of the calculation and analysis of the flight data of civil aircraft "TU".

Alexander V. Habrov – Head of Centre "Aerodynamics" JSC "Tupolev". Performs the calculation of stability and control characteristics and synthesis algorithms of automatic systems wheel control.

The book is intended for engineers and technicians and aircrew of civil aviation workers airlines and the aviation industry. Can be used as a textbook for students of senior courses and flight training centers listeners.

"Tupolev: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" by A.M. Zatuchny, V.G. Rigmant

Publishing Ltd. "IIG Polygon Press," 2009

The collection is dedicated to JSC "Tupolev" and dedicated to the air show MAKS-2009. Brief information on all aircraft, both experienced and serial developed in EDB Tupolev, information on Tupolev’s aircraft test pilots, design bureau leaders working in "Tupolev" since 1922 till  present day.

"Tupolev: Flight into the future" (volume 1) by  G.A.Cheremuhin, E.I.Gordon, V.G.Rigmant

Publishing Ltd. "IIG Polygon Press," 2009

The first volume of "Tupolev: a flight into the future" tells the story of the origin, formation, development  of Tupolev Design Bureau in the 20s of the last century to the present. The book is richly illustrated with photographs and unique exclusive material from the archives of the Tupolev Design Bureau, the Zhukovsky museum and Tupolev museum, memories of EDB workers. First published materials of the Central Archive of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and the new developments of "Tupolev".

"Tupolev" (album) by A.M. Zatuchny

Moscow, JSC "Tupolev" Fund "Anniversary Chronicle", 2007, 240 pages.

Album is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the bureau of "Tupolev". Is a large amount of unique photographs from the early years of the creation of design bureau "Tupolev", the era of the great flights on planes "Tu" in the 30 years of war and post-war years and the modern civil and military aircraft renowned bureau.

"The TB-3 bomber - air battleship Stalin" by V.R.Kotelnikov.

Ed. "Yauza", "collection", "Eksmo", Moscow, 2008, 143 pp., ill.
The book presents the history of the heavy bomber TB-3 (ANT-6), its development and operational use in the 30s and during the World War Two.

Collection of “85 years of "Tupolev" Design Bureau”

(Compiled-V.G.Rigmant) 2007. -100 Pp., ill.
The collection is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the bureau of "Tupolev". Brief information on all aircraft, both experienced and serial developed in Tupolev from 1922 to 2007.


"Designer by the grace of God" by E.L. ZALESSKAYA, G.A. Cheremukhina

M. AVIKO PRESS (ASTC. Tupolev), 1997 224 p., Ill.

The book talks about the outstanding aeronautical engineer of the twentieth century, a man of encyclopedic knowledge, Alexis Cheremukhina, one of the closest associates of the Tupolev.

"Test Pilots of Tupolev’s design bureau" by G.A.Amiryants.

760 pages, with illustrations., Ed. "Kuchkovo field", Moscow, 2008

The book is entirely devoted to the test pilots, test airplane Tupolev Design Bureau.

“Test pilots. Michael Nyukhtikov and his comrades” by G.A.Amiryants.

664 pages, with illustrations., Ed. "Kuchkovo field", Moscow, 2008

The book tells about some aspects of the creation and testing of domestic aircraft, including aircraft Tupolev Design Bureau, a test pilot who had experienced these aircraft.

"Tu-160" by Efim Gordon

2003, the publishing house "Polygon-Press" 184., More than 200 color and black-and-white photographs.

The book is dedicated to the history and development of one of the world's finest combat aircraft - strategic bombers Tu-160.

The collection "Experimental Design Bureau named after A.N. Tupolev"

M., TsAGI, 1982 287 p., Ill.

Collection of papers dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Experimental Design Bureau Tupolev. Written by leading experts “Tupolev” design bureau.

"Tupolev PLANES " by M.B. SAUKKE

М., "Либри", 1995 64 с., илл. M., "Libri", 1995 64 p., illustrated.

Beautifully illustrated album with brief articles on the first aircraft to the Experimental Design Bureau Tupolev (ANT-1 - ANT-15).

"Tupolev Aircraft Design Bureau " by V.G. Rigmant

Moscow, Russian Aviation Joint Stock Company (Rusava), 2001 339 p., illustrated.

It is a fairly complete monograph on the aircraft of "Tupolev". The edition is beautifully illustrated diagrams, black-and-white and color photos.

The collection "Tupolev Tu-16"

Kiev, "Archive - Press", 1997 28 p., illustrated.

A Brief History of Tu-16, a description of the structure.


"Tupolev Tu-95"  by S.S.Moroz

Kiev, "Archive-Press", 1999 60., illustrated.

Highlights the key stages in the history of creation and development of certain modifications of the Tu-95.

"The truth of the supersonic passenger aircraft" by V.I. Blyznyuk, L. Vasiliev, M. Vul, V.T. Klimov, A.D. Mironov, A. Tupolev, N. Popov, A. Pukhov, G.A. Cheremuhin

Moscow, "Moscow Worker", 2000 335 p., illustrated.

Authors on the example of the creation and development of the world's first supersonic passenger aircraft Tu-144 are considering this type of air transport.

"Long-range anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142" by A. Artemyev

Kiev, "M., Jor.", 2000 48., illustrated.

Highlight the stages of development of Tu-142, examples of its use in aircraft of the Navy.

Attention – the gases.  Aviation cryogenic fuel” by V.A. Andreev, V.D. Borisov, V.T. Klimov, V.V. Malyshev, V.N. Orlov

The authors reviewing the experience of development Tu-155 flying test bed which main power plant can use cryogenic fuel  (dry gas fuel or hydrogen) study the problems concerning alternative fuel use in aviation and its prospects in the future.

"Tupolev Tu-16. Bomber and missile carrier" by N.V. Yakubovich

M. Ast "Astrel", 2001 175 S., illustrated.
The book is small (pocket) format that focuses on the main stages of development of the Tu-16, its use in long-range aircraft and navy.

"Unknown Tupolev" by M.B.Saukke

M., "The Original", 1993 192 p., illustrated.

Discusses some lesser-known side of engineering Tupolev and his team. In particular, creating  a snowmobile, small boats, etc.

"Andrei Tupolev. His Life and activities"

(Editorial Board, chaired by A.I.Kandalova)

Moscow, Publishing Department of TsAGI, 1991 (MMZ "experience" them. Tupolev), 400 p., illustrated.

Detailed account on the basis of extant documents the life and work Tupolev.

"Andrei Tupolev. Facets boldness of Creativity"

(Edited and compiled M.S.Listov)

Nauka, Moscow, 1988 248 c., illustrated.

The collection of records, documents and memoirs of contemporaries, reflecting the life and career of the outstanding aircraft constructor of the twentieth century, Academician Tupolev.