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Apollinary I. Tomashevsky

Apollinary I. Tomashevsky

Honoured test-pilot of the USSR (1925).

Apollinary Tomashevsky was born on June 23, 1890. In 1914 he graduated from St. Petersburg aero club. In 1916 he finished school for navy pilots in the city of Baku and stayed there as an instructor.

Apollinary Tomashevsky was a participant of the World War I and retired from the service with the rank of non-commissioned officer.

In August 1916 Apollinary Tomashevsky was sent to the aviation plant of S.S. Shetinin in the city of St. Petersburg, where he performed flight tests of the world's first armoured navy fighter - M-11 flying boat designed by Grigorovich D. P.

Since September 1918 Apollinary Tomashevsky served in the Red Army as a military pilot of the 2nd Soviet squadron in the city of Saratov. He took part in fights with the White Guard and Czechoslovak legion at the Eastern Front. Since February 1919 he was a military pilot of a reconnaissance squadron of the South army group of the Eastern front. From July 1919 to March 1920 Apollinary Tomashevsky was the commander of the 30th air squadron of the Army № 4. He also took part in fights with cossacks who had joined the White Army. From July to September of 1941 he served as a military pilot in Slavnoe air group at the Western Front.

After the Civil War Apollinary Tomashevsky worked in the North. After returning to Moscow he started working as a test-pilot at the Civil Air Fleet. Apollinary Tomashevsky has tested one of the first soviet experimental airplane - "KOMTA" heavy triplane (1923). On February 8, 1924 he lifted in the sky and carried out tests of AK-1 first soviet passenger airplane, on November 26, 1925 - ANT-4 first soviet all-metal multiengine cantilever monoplane and in 1926 - the second ANT-3 (R-3).

Apollinary Tomashevsky was a participant of the first soviet long-distance flights. He, with a crew performed flight "Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan" and back during July 10-22, 1924. He also took part in soviet group extra-long-range flight "Moscow - Ulan Bator - Beijing" on AK-1 airplane in June, 1925.

Apollinary Tomashevsky established two world records of flight endurance with a cargo in 1926: the first flight with a 2054 kg cargo lasted 4 hours 15 minutes, and the second, with a 1000 kg cargo lasted 12 hours and distance of 2000 km was achieved.

He was the first pilot to participate in huntings at the White Sea - he performed reconnaissance of seal and walrus landings on Junkers J-13 "Prombank" airplane, on March 4, 1926.

In 1926 Apollinary Tomashevsky shoot himself - as his daughter said, he suffered heavy headache which was caused by the injury.

Apollinary Tomashevsky was awarded two Orders of the Red Banner (1919, 1925). He was an Honourable citizen of Samara.

A dead end in the city of Samara is named after Apollinary Tomashevsky.