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Alexey D. Perelet

Alexey D. Perelet Alexey D. Perelet

Hero of the Soviet Union (1954), Laureate of the Lenin Prize (1957), major.

Alexey Perelet was born on January 1 (14), 1914 in the village of Voronki in Chernukhinsky district of Poltava region of Ukraine. He had finished 6 classes of school and a school of education for manufacture workers of the Kharkov locomotive repair plant, and in 1937 - Balashov school for CAF pilots, where he worked as a flight instructor.

Since 1939, Alexey Perelet was in the army. He was a participant of the Great Patriotic War.

From 1943 to 1953 Alexey Perelet was a test-pilot of Tupolev design bureau. He had lifted in the sky and carried out tests of "62/1" and "62/2" airplanes (Tu-2D), "67", "63/1" and "63/2" ("SDB"), "63P" (Tu-1), "104", "68" (Tu-10), Tu-85/1, "77" (Tu-12), "89" (Tu-16), "82" (Tu-22), Tu-95/1. Alexey Perelet was engaged in tests of Tu-2, "88/1" (Tu-16 prototype) and other aircraft of the design bureau. He also took part in unique tests of Tu-2 in the TsAGI T-101 wind tunnel of 1:1 scale.

Alexey Perelet died on May 11, 1953 performing test of the first Tu-95 ("95/1") prototype with 2TV-2F engines.

Alexey Perelet was buried at the Vagankovskoe cemetery in Moscow.

He was awarded two Orders of Lenin, three Orders of the Red Banner, two Orders of the Red Star and medals.

Voronki high school, streets in the cities of Omsk and Ramenskoe are called by the name of the Hero. There is a memorial board on the wall of Balashov CAF flight and technical school.